Multicultural Therapy

You or someone you know might have the following beliefs

Psychotherapy is only for “crazy” and “sick” people.
I will bring shame to my family and myself if I ask for outside help and tell others our embarrassing problems.
If only I could try harder, have better self-control, I can manage the problems on my own.
I am weak if I cannot even solve my own problems.
Psychotherapy is too expensive, and only rich people can afford it.
Therapy may not work, and I would be wasting my money, time, and hope.

How I address these questions is the following

In my practice, I see mostly normal people who struggle with average day-to-day stresses and problems.
Most insurance plans cover at least some portion of the cost of psychotherapy.
For some, not receiving treatment can mean worsening of symptoms, additional suffering in the family, a decrease of quality of life, less self control, and more shame.
It is ok to come and check me out. You are free to walk away if you do not find the therapy to be effective.
All services provided are confidential.

People come to see me because

I have over 10 years of expertise in assisting those whose problems are related to their ethnicity, disability, or sexual orientation.
Being bicultural, I have a unique perspective to understand those who feel "caught-in-the-middle," "left out," or "misunderstood."
I have helped clients from diverse backgrounds to achieve better self-esteem and family harmony.

I fully use my boundless optimism, empathy, and patience in my work to help clients feel accepted and motivated.
I encourage those who previously hesitated to see a therapist to contact me and give psychotherapy a try.