For Clients Seeking Individual Counseling

Are you feeling anxious about losing your job?

Do you feel as if you just cannot bring yourself to look at your to-do list even though you know you have to?
Others might think you are happy-go-lucky, but deep inside, you know you have been feeling blue for a long time now because of a childhood or a recent trauma.

Perhaps you are one of those who just cannot stop worrying about things even though you wish you didn’t worry so much!

Maybe you just lost someone very special, and you don’t know how to go on in life without this person.

As a therapist,
I am dedicated to helping those who feel ‘depressed,’ ‘anxious,’ ‘out of control,' or ‘frustrated,’ because of their life circumstance or a recent breakup.
I use research-supported techniques to assist my clients in regaining organization and reach peace and joy.
Most importantly, I remind my clients to take good care of him or herself, which is the only sure cure I know in facing trauma and adversity in life!
I believe strongly in rest and re-energizing, which will then lead one to re-create.

I consider it my honor to walk with you even just a short while when you take a break.
I promise to listen with compassion and without judgment.

Remember, we all deserve happiness and CAN improve our lives!
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