Good Self-Care Tips

1. Volunteer; donate something - time, money, knowledge or even an old car. Consider donating to charities in someone’s name instead of buying gifts for them. This benefits you, them, and the recipients, so it is win-win-win!!!

2. Increase your social activities. Go out more!

3. Network now and get your resume ready, to help cope with the anxiety of losing a job.

4. Have family dinners as much as you can.

5. Regularly call your friends, or visit them as much as you can.

6. Develop a hobby.

7. Less television and Internet and more music, exercise, and conversation.

8. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Try triple the amount of the fruit you buy and bring them to work for snacks. (Ethnic supermarkets usually sell fruits and vegetables for cheaper!)

9. Cut down alcohol and caffeine intake.

10. Move around more. Exercise at least three times a week if you can. Try taking the stairs half of the time, or taking a long walk after lunch.

11. Vent with someone you trust as often as possible.

12. Write a diary, either on-line or in a book. It helps to feel that you are writing to someone who is interested in your daily life.

13. Window shop more and buy less to avoid cuasing more financial stress and help increase exercising time.

14. Ask for a massage.

15. See a therapist, dentist, physician, optician, as needed. Schedule a regular doctor’s appointment.

16. Learn to balance between being assertive and being polite and nice to other people, so you can please both others and yourself.

17. Write down a list of inexpensive and easy relaxation ideas and keep them posted. Practice them as much as you can.

18. Write down a list of people you can call and talk with in the event you want to call your ex and say something regretful.

19. Find a place where you feel secure, either in imagination or for real, and visit it as often as you need.

20. Get a pet if you can.

21. Take a vacation; it can be just a car ride to the zoo, or a trip to the Bahamas.

22. Use Prayer, lean on the Higher Power