For Those Looking for Couple Therapy

Have you been fighting intensely with your partner for several months now? You want the fighting to stop but do not know how? Maybe you are not on speaking terms and are considering separation?

It is extremely difficult to live with someone you love and care about but cannot seem to get along now.
The endless fight in the couple’s life can bring enormous frustration to partners as well as anxiety, depression, sense of helplessness, and possible irreparable damage to the relationship.
Furthermore, children often become the victims in families where the parents are depressed and fight all the time.

I specialize in helping couples that have very different values and backgrounds, to improve their communication and reduce conflicts related to their differences.
Specifically, I help couples

1. Learn “fair fighting” skills and increase conflict resolution.
2. Improve their listening skills, which increases their empathy for each other.
3. Improve their affection for each other through multiple connections throughout the day and the week.

Stress in the relationship is often identified as the main cause of anxiety and depression in many people. Thus, couple therapy not only is essential to help improve your relationship with your partner, but to make you a happier individual, a better parent, and a more productive citizen.

You can be right for each other if only if you know how to treat each other right!