Dr. Tracy P. Leung

Congratulations for taking the first step
to take care of yourself and
Welcome to my web page!

I wonder if you are feeling
a bit anxious, frustrated, and maybe distressed? Are you tired of facing your problems alone, yet feeling uncertain about
discussing it with a stranger?
Maybe you feel trapped in your anxious and depressive thoughts, but feel too
embarrassed to talk, and too desperate NOT to talk to someone?

Having gone through the process of looking for a therapist myself, I know how
anxiety provoking this can be! Therefore, let me first applaud your courage and

The fear of the unknown and being judged can hold many people back from seeking help.
This is why I am casual and collaborative in my interactions with clients.
My aims in therapy are always on expanding one’s strengths and utilizing one’s
current resources, and not on a “diagnosis.”
I make it priority to remind clients to Take GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF daily!!

Whether you are looking for a therapist or looking for some good self-care tips,
feel free to contact me! Remember, we all deserve happiness and CAN improve our lives!


Tracy Leung


Grief and Loss, Interracial Couples, Anxiety and Depression,
Mandarin and English Speaking

Ruby Lai and Chin-I Chen

Photos courtesy of
Ruby Lai and Chin-I Chen.
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